Italië winterse snoekbaars

Zander Fishing at PO

Each Year we go fishing to the river Po in Italy End of January for one week.
We stay there at the camp Casa Siluro in San Benedetto/Po owned by Harry Stadlhuber.
And each year we have there a small unofficial competition.
The Hearty Rise Zander Cup! After arriving we saw that the River has very low and clear water with less current.
This is the ideal situation for Zander fishing.

Italië Snoekbaars

After a great breakfast and some information’s from Tom the guide in the camp, we had an idea where we would start our trip.
The boat and the rods were well prepared.
So let’s start!

Italië Snoekbaars 2
With the 40 HP engine were we in a few minutes on the first hotspot.
We decided to fish in a small tributary river with a lot of dead wood in the water. The weather was very nice and as we started fishing it was sunny and warm. Already in the first drift I caught a small Zander with rd. ab. 50 cm and it was clear to dry it more at this place. At the second drift nearly on the same place I got a hard bite and after a short but very hard drill I convinced this beautiful Zander (82 cm, 12 pound) to a photo shooting.

snoekbaars Italië Po
Now it was clear, at this place was a lot of fish! With the next drift got Josef a huge bite and he drilled the big Zander to the boat but I couldn’t land him immediately so we lost this fish (probably the biggest fish in this week). On the same drift I hooked a rd. ab. 20 pound Carp but we lost this fish too.
As it began to dawn we decided to drive back to the camp. The anger over the lost fish gone away as we saw the great sunset on the trip back.

zonsondergang Italië Po (2)

zonsondergang Italië Po

On the second day it was clear where we went for fish and the drove directly to this place. But the first hours we got no bite, no contact, nothing…. We decided to stay because we got the first bite yesterday also just 3 pm. And trust me our perseverance was rewarded! One hour later with an 82 cm and 13 pound dream fish!

Grote Snoekbaars

And short before sunset I could catch another 65 cm Zander.

On the third day we started fishing in the afternoon because firstly we had to fill up the fridge and especially the beer reserves were empty☺.   After lunch we drove to our hot spot but we saw that the conditions complete changed. Now we had a strong current of 1,5 to 2 km/h. So we fished with 2 different methods. Josef fished vertical and I tried jigging with heavier weights.  By the faster speed was the duration of one drift only 25 min (the days before was it 1,5 hour) but I could fish with min 14 gr. Jigs and at 4 pm I got the only bite on this day. But it was also a good Zander (78 cm and10 pound).

Snoekbaars 78cm Po Italië

On the fourth day we started early. We decided to fish on a few other places. So we drove 20 minutes upstream to a big still water area. The entrance was difficult (only 25 cm shallow water) but inside the depth was down to 14 meters. Even the sonar was full with millions of baitfish and we could see also good predators on the sonar but we couldn’t get any bite within 5 hours. Whether with vertical, drop shot or Jigging methods we could get any bite.
In the afternoon we decided to change the place and looked for another hot spot. We reached this place at rd. ab. 3.30 and during I changed my set up Josef caught a good Zander with vertical fishing.

Josef Italië Hearty Rise
On the last day of the trip Josef would like to test the new Hearty Rise vertical rod  and I would test techniques and lures with jigging. So we changed the boat partners and I drove with Andreas.
We drove to the same place where we caught these many fish.  I changed my lures in the hope to catch not only Zanders. And it worked☺. Barbeel
Next fish was a Zander hooked by Andy.

Snoekbaars Italië Hearty Rise
After a few minutes Andy got a huge bite and he caught a small but hard fighting catfish.

Meerval Italië

After a few smaller fish Andy caught another good Zander

Dikke Snoekbaars
This should be the last fish on this trip. But be sure !!!!

Günter Hearty Rise

Next Year – Same Week – Same Place


Günter Wolki